Elderly Pet Care


As our pets get older their physical needs & abilties will change; they often need help to remain comfortable as their bodies age.

When those sweet grey muzzles and slightly cloudy eyes greet us in the exam room, it is a signal for our team to look closer—and get to know your senior pets' needs and age related changes.

We can't stop your pets' from growing old but there is a lot we can do to maintain their quality of life as they age.

Clinical Signs

 We will examine & discuss your pet’s:

  •  life style & activities - is your pet showing stiffness, difficulty rising or can't get up the stairs, has to be lifted into the car?
  • reduction in activity - reluctance to go for walks, or can't walk as far, or tires quickly, runs out of breath and starts panting shortly after exercise, or takes a long tim to recover?
  • Watch your pets gait when they run. Do they have a limp, or do they skip on a hindleg? Is their stride short, taking little, mincing steps? 
  • What are their eating and drinking habits? Do they eat less, or just soft food, is the amount of water they're drinking changed?
  • One exercise we will ask you to do is measure your pets respiratory rate when they're asleep! We can show you how to do this - the exercise is extremely valuable to help monitor heart disease.

"Your Pets Health Profile"

Combining our physical exam with diagnostic tests allows us to build a animal Pet Health Profile. We will take the time to discuss our findings and offer recommendations for the maturing pet’s initial and ongoing diagnostic or therapeutic plan. All our results will be sent to you for your records.

Our diagnostic plan may include recommendations such as blood tests, ultrasound or radiographs. These create baselines to monitor the progression of age-related changes in the body & joints, allowing us to track changes in lab work for early disease detection. Blood tests will give us information that we cannot detect on a physical exam. We can pick up problems such as renal, liver or hormonal disease.

With this information we can implement a therapeutic plan. We may offer options like arthritic medications, pain relief, joint, immune or hormonal supplements and therapeutic  diets.  

Prescription diets are available for a range of pet conditions. We firmly believe if we can assist an animals health with the use of diet, as opposed to lots of drugs, we are all better off.

Once pets have an established treatment plan, we will develop a follow-up system to continually assess your pet and offer future recommendations. Good compliance with these recommendations will be required so senior pets can live their best lives.

* Senior Pet Screen 

* Prescription Diets

* Neutraceuticals

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