Why Should I Vaccinate My Cat?

Cats are susceptible to diseases that affect their different body systems. The diseases are caused by different virus and bacteria that can be can be spread between animals but are also very hardy and survive in the environment for long periods. The diseases are highly infectious and easily spread.

Your cat does not need to be in contact with other cats to become infected, so even cats that spend most of their time inside or are the only cat, can still become infected. The organisms can be airborne or found in soil.

A single, housebound cat that does not have contact with other cats and is not vaccinated is isolated & therefore even more susceptible to these diseases as they have no opportunity to develop their own immunity.

Think about the human islanders that occasionally get discovered on isolated islands that have never had contact with the outside world. These people are very susceptible to disease.

Vaccines work by triggering the bodies immune system to manufacture antibodies against an infectious agent (i.e. the bacteria & virus). If the cat becomes exposed to an agent the cats body mounts an immune response to protect the animal from disease.