Medical Consultations

Routine medical consultations for pets, when performed regularly, offer the best possible way of monitoring your pets health. By allowing your pet to visit us for a routine checkup, at least 3 times a year, we have a pretty good chance of detecting any problems.

The Physical Exam

Our physical exams will cover every hairy part of your pet - from the top of their ears to the tip of their tail - all body systems will be checked.

Our  examinations of the animals body provide a profile of your pet, stored in our records & always available to you. This profile will help us compare exams & detect abnormalities on future visits.

History taking is an important part of this exam and we need you to describe your pets activities at home so we can decide if the pet is showing clinical signs of disease.

Further Investigations

After the physical exam, more information about your pets body systems can be gathered with further tests. The physical exam and clinical signs described give us clues - from there we will build a problem list (if any) and decide which screening tests will give us the most valuable information. From our problem list we then build a list of differential diagnosis which we can rule in or out with further tests.

Blood tests

Whilst the vet performs an ‘external’ physical exam, blood tests perform an ‘internal’ exam of red and white blood cells (haematology) to help us identify any unknown disease. For example, increases in white blood cells may mean infection or low red blood cell levels may indicate anaemia.

  The tests results also include levels of enzymes and electrolytes which show the state of internal organs (biochemistry); increases or decreases in these results may alert us to a disease state of an organ. Our blood tests are performed inhouse with results in 15 minutes. Further tests may be ordered through our external lab resources.

Xrays & Ultrasound

Digital xray systems allow efficient inhouse xrays to be taken, sometimes while you wait & sometimes they will need to be booked in. Xrays allow us to gather further information about the animals condition.

Ultrasound requires the animal to normally have a light sedation so we usually require an appointment. We use ultrasound for a number of investigations ranging from pregnancy diagnosis, to hunt for a foreign body in the abdomen or examine the structure of internal organs.

Specialist Referral

Whilst most vets work in general practice (just like your local doctor GP), we are very lucky to have in WA a large network of veterinary specialists - vets who have decided to concentrate on one specific field of vet medicine or surgery.

So if your pet has a particular problem that we as your local vet, decide warrants specialist referral, we have access to orthopaedic surgeons, opthamologists, medicine specialists, imaging specialists and many more.

 You will be given the option to see a specialist, along with advice on how, when and where to access their service. In most cases you will come back to see us for follow up treatments or checkups, according to your case.

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