The One Dollar Vet

The One Dollar Vet is a Community Service offered to Pet Owners who may just require a simple question answered about their pets health. We know that sometimes pet owners may just have a simple concern about their pet, may not know what to do, may just need a little more advice or may not be in a position to pay for a vet visit just to ask a simple question.

The service is available to pet owners for $1/pet, is available for the lifetime of the pet & runs by email only. The service DOES NOT REPLACE VET CONSULTATIONS & DOES NOT APPLY TO EMERGENCY CASES.

In addition to this service, our clinic will run FREE Community Service Vet Days to Health Care Card Concession Holders, at various times during the year. Vaccinations, general health checks, minor medical problems and microchipping will be provided.

To help fund our FREE Community Service Vet Days, pet owners may choose to donate any extra amount (above their $1/pet). ALL these funds will be used to fund our FREE days.

Email us to register & we will send you an invoice for $1/pet. Local pet owners may drop into our clinic to pay if preferred (see address below). 
You can then email us whenever you like, as often as you like. You will be given appropriate advice for your situation. This may mean you are advised to see a vet in person.
Contact is by Email ONLY. You may send photos. No emergency cases. As we are often busy in our clinic, please be patient, as it may take a little while to return your email. 
The service is available to all pet owners - anyone, anywhere in the world. Owners may enquire about any animal they own.

Our aim is to extend the scope of our veterinary advice, making it a little more accessible to everyone. Please Like & Share our Facebook page - especially to people or groups who may be of benefit.

This Community Service Project is an initiative of:

Warnbro Sound Vet Clinic 371 Warnbro Sound Ave 
Port Kennedy WA Australia 6172