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Pet Travel Packs

We all pack our own health essentials when we travel but what about our pets? They also want to stay healthy, clean & need their routine ablutions to continue! Travel can be also sometimes be stressful for them so our Vet Team has put together this handy pack of essential health care items for your pet.

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The pack contains:

* Lectade Electrolytes - the sachet is mixed with water to make 2 litres of electrolytes. Use in cases of vomiting or diarrhoea, or whenever your pet may have an upset tummy, has become very hot or dehydrated and needs fluid replacement.

* Protexin Probiotics - sachets of probiotics to replenish good gut flora. Use if your pet has had an upset tummy or after a course of antibiotics.

* Viscotears - soothing eye lubricant to use if their eyes become sore, have minor conjunctivitis or have been irritated in any way.

* EpiOtic - well known ear cleaner that effectively cleans out dirt and helps dry ears after swimming. Routine use for monthly cleaning especially for pets prone to recurrent ear infections.

* Toothpaste & Finger brush - Petosan pet toothpaste for routine teeth brushing, help remove plaque from teeth. Handy thimble size finger brush to help apply the paste. DO NOT use human toothpaste in pets.

* Hexarinse - use 2-3 times weekly to effectively reduce the amount of plaque developing on pets teeth. Easily applied by squirting with a syringe to the gum/tooth margin.

* Consumables - swabs, syringes and gloves.


Packs can be stored in the cupboard with a long shelf life. Note: Probiotic shelf life can be extended a further 12 mths if stored in fridge.

Two size packs:

1) Large  $47:65 - contains 70 gm toothpaste

2)Small  $39:90 - contains 20 gm toothpaste

CLICK HERE TO ORDER  - this link will take you to our email. We can post your pack to you (add $4:50) or you can pick up in clinic.

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